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Extend Above Your Competition

and Make Yourself Seen.

With Pylon Signs, The Sky is The Limit.

Also known as freestanding or pole signs, these signs allow you to create an image for your business that can be seen by the masses. Using a variety of materials and lighting options, our experienced design staff can custom fabricate the perfect Pylon sign for your needs. Mounting can be with a single pole or multiple, use internal or external lighting, or include pole covers for unique shape and design. Let us help you raise your image to the next level with a Pylon Sign.

Sign Design

Single Pole
High and Simple

Offers a simple and economical solution for elevating your identity over obstructions.  The single pole design is also ideal for high rise structures at heights such as 80 ft to 100 ft for long distance visibility.

Twin Pole
Balance and Prominence

A double pole structure can provide advantages for the engineering of your structure in large sign applications.  Greater prominence and “between pole” sign mounts also offer a balanced and grounded aesthetic for your structure.

Covered Pole
Conceal and Enhance

Pole Covers conceal structural poles while enhancing the design of your Pylon.  Covers can be built to virtually any shape to offer a truly unique look.

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